Gait Analysis

What is Gait Analysis?

High definition, 3-dimensional video gait analysis software permits a detailed computer breakdown of the walking or running gait cycle. This comparative frame-by-frame look at limb segment movement and joint analysis from three different perspectives, enables the clinician to better understand the dynamics of an individual's walking pattern and how this relates to their symptoms. In many cases it can also confirm the findings from the comprehensive clinical examination.

Many foot problems occur because of improper function of the foot during gait. Our 3-camera gait-analysis system with slow-motion video allows Gary to carefully evaluate each moment of your walking or running pattern to help determine your most appropriate treatment. Abnormal gait biomechanics may cause foot problems such as arch pain, heel pain and bunions. In addition, alterations in foot function can lead to problems with your knees, hips, or back.

This objective data aids orthotic prescription in terms of design, optimising the materials and the degree of correction required. It also allows patients and non-healthcare professionals to understand gait abnormalities, such as asymmetry, providing an essential tool for patient education as well as monitoring the progress of treatment interventions.

A foot pressure measurement system is also used in conjunction with the video gait analysis data, to better understand foot loading patterns relating to lower limb movements and forces. This evidence based treatment approach helps us to provide a much improved clinical outcome for our patients.

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